The Value of STEM Education

STEM for Life Infographic

The Value of STEM Education Infographic highlights the importance of educating students in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields and points out that STEM skills are knowledge for life, not just careers.

The Value of STEM Education Infographic

The main takeaways of this graphic are:

Eighty percent of the fastest growing career fields depend on STEM skills. U.S. students are not being educated to compete in technology fields.

International student assessment places the U.S. 24th in math and 17th in science.

Women and persons of color make up 75% of college student but they only represent 45% of STEM degrees.

Growth in STEM jobs increased three times more than non-STEM jobs during the last 10 years.

Workers with degrees in science, technology, engineering, and math are less likely to be jobless. And they earn 26% more than workers without a STEM degree.

Students that learn STEM skills enter college sooner after high school and complete college faster.

Encouraging an interest in STEM fields increases a child’s chances of success later in life.

Math is an important skill for all persons – whether or not they pursue a STEM career.

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